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Kehillat Israel ECC offers the best early childhood experience, based in Constructivist teaching methods and practices, with immersion in Jewish Values and tradition.

Our Big Ideas:

We believe that emergent, differentiated, and highly intentional educational experiences are the best preparation for kindergarten and beyond.

We believe that Jewish values and traditions provide a strong foundation for identity, belonging, and learning.

We believe that learning and teaching should be beautiful, inspiring, fun, and exciting!

Jewish values that support learning through play are:

  • Inquiry Based Learning: We celebrate curiosity, capacity to wonder, and encourage children’s questions. The answer to a Jewish question is always another question. We ask why, challenge dogma, and advocate for a better world.
  • Conflict Resolution (Teshuvah, Hessed): We encourage our early learners to reflect on their feelings, search for creative ways to solve problems, and practice acts of kindness. Jewish tradition is rich with practices for resolving conflict, such as teshuvah (self reflection) and hessed (lovingkindness).
  • Honoring the Child (B’tzelem Elohim): Children are capable, competent, and curious; they are able to co-construct their own experiences. Choices give children practice in taking risks and forming hypotheses about the world around them. At Kehillat Israel, we respect and honor every child as carrying a spark of the Divine.
  • Storytelling (Drash, Torah): Stories help children construct awareness, self-image and knowledge of the world around them. We document and share our learning stories. We honor your children’s own stories, and their family stories, with the same respect we have for the story of the Jewish people.
  • Differentiated Learning (Hiddur Mitzvah): Children have ample access to varied forms of artistic, musical, scientific, mathematical and language media and manipulatives, designed to inspire them to take interest in their own learning.
  • Service Learning (Tikkun Olam, Tzedakah): Our class discussions and projects reinforce that, even young children can make a difference. We are inspired by the social justice goals of our tradition and helping families to raise their children in an environment of service to others.
  • Collaboration (Brit): Teachers, staff, families, and children are engaged in continual connections that will enable the child to thrive through parent-teacher partnership and community events, such as Tot Shabbat and Jewish holiday celebrations. As a Jewish preschool, we recognize that we have entered into a Brit (covenant) – an obligation to the children and families who share their lives with us.
Mon, June 17 2019 14 Sivan 5779