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As a community, KI has adopted 30 people in Los Angeles for the holiday season. The people we are supporting include single parents, retired men and woman, Holocaust survivors and a Jewish Refugee.  (Please scroll down to read the stories of the families we’ve adopted.) 

Please drop off all items to Erin Weiser at KI by December 6th! Please put the JFS code on the envelope with the item you are donating. (This will help us sort what items go to which people.)

Thank you for your continued support!

Your Tikkun Olam Trustees

Their Stories

EK (age 72) is currently receiving treatment for cancer.  She is a retired government employee living on a fixed income.  After paying her monthly rent, she has no money left for food or other expenses.  EK is being served by JFS Case Management and its JFS Jewish Crisis Fund.

JN (age 71) is a widower suffering from depression and multiple medical conditions.  He is a retired teacher renting a room in someone’s home.  JN is being served by SOVA, JFS Case Management and the JFS Jewish Crisis Fund.

Family EN11
AL (age 46) is divorced and living with her daughter. Two years ago, she missed work due to the death of one of her parents.  As a result, she lost her job.  Medical issues have prevented her from regaining full-time employment since.  She has recently started working part-time as a driver, but she struggles to keep up with her rent and basic expenses.  AL receives emotional support and financial assistance from the JFS Ezra Network, which works with local synagogues to provide an array of professional services to those in need.

Family FVP22
A mother of two, NS (age 49) is unable to work due to a permanent disability resulting from a brain tumor.  As a result of a court-ordered custody arrangement, she spends every other week in the family home with her teenaged children.  On weeks when she is not in the family home, she is homeless.  NS receives financial assistance and emotional support through the JFS Family Violence Project.

Family FVP25
FO (age 35) is a widow with a 12 year old son.  Following the death of her husband, FO became involved with a man who became physically abusive.  In order to hide from her abuser, FO and her son have been staying with friends in a crowded living situation while she struggles to save enough money for a deposit and rent on a safe place for them to live.  FO receives financial assistance and emotional support from the JFS Family Violence Project.

YL (age 78) is a retired man living with his elderly wife and two adult sons, both of whom have significant developmental disabilities which prevent them from being self-sufficient.  YL has an adult daughter living out-of-state, who provides some financial help and visits each month to help with medical care and other arrangements.  YL has no other family in the area and struggles to make ends meet.  He appreciates any help he can get from the JFS community.

ZO (age 28) is a single mother with two young sons. ZO recently fled an abusive relationship and is living at Hope Cottage a transitional shelter for survivors of domestic violence.  ZO’s abuser forbid her from leaving the home and she was, therefore, unable to work.  She is now working with JFS to recover from the abuse, find a job and secure a safe place to live with her children.  She will soon be moving to an apartment, but she has no household supplies and all of her savings is going to cover the deposit and first month’s rent.  JFS is seeking a donor who can help furnish ZO’s new apartment so that she and her boys can start a new life together.

Individual HLX02
RL (age 85) is a Holocaust survivor with no family in the United States.  She is a widow, living alone in a small apartment, who is afraid to go out.  A classical music aficionado, RL benefits from the JFS Holocaust Survivor Program, which provides case management services and assistance (including home care), which help RL to live safely and independently.

Individual HLX03
KS (age 90) is a widow and Holocaust survivor who lives alone in a trailer park.  She is very frail and requires oxygen on a permanent basis.  She enjoys reading and listening to classical music.  KS benefits from the JFS Holocaust Survivor Program.

Individual ILC01 
MM (age 70) is a retired single man suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease who needs surgery to remove part of his left lung.  MM lives in a 300 square-foot, one-room apartment with no appliances for cooking.  The only hot meals he receives are from the Israel Levin Center in Venice.

Individual IMM01
ES (age 28) is a Jewish refugee who arrived in the United States on October 5th with no family.  ES is enrolled in a refugee job readiness program administered by the JFS Immigration and Resettlement program, which helps refugees transition into their new lives. This will be ES’s first Hanukah without his family.

Family MSSP12
AS (age 79) lives with his wife of 50 years and their adult daughter, who works part-time and cares for them. AS is blind and disabled by diabetes.  He requires medical visits twice per day and dialysis three times per week.  His wife suffers from arthritis and thyroid disease.  Both AS and his wife receive care and support through JFS Home Health Care and the JFS Multipurpose Senior Services Program.

Individual MSSP23
CS (age 88) is a widow who is unable to meet her living expenses on her fixed income.  She lives with her only surviving child, who suffers from severe mental disabilities, and worries that he has no surviving siblings to care for him when she is no longer able to do so.  CS is a very sweet woman who appreciates all that the JFS Multipurpose Senior Services Program has done for her. She especially appreciates the emotional support she receives during the home visits from JFS case workers, which help with the depression and loneliness she feels from not being able to go out and participate in activities like she used to.

Family MSSP35
MS (age 80) lives in a one bedroom apartment with her husband and her daughter, who is also her parents’ full-time caregiver. MS suffers from multiple medical conditions, including Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.  While her daughter presides over all of her medical and personal affairs, their home is in disrepair and requires major cleaning, making it difficult and dangerous to maneuver.  Needless to say, this family benefits greatly from JFS’s Multipurpose Senior Services Program.

Family WH03 
M.J. (age 54) is a single father living with his disabled 7 year-old daughter in an apartment in West Hollywood. He benefits from the support of the JFS West Hollywood Comprehensive Service Center.  MJ is a loving and caring parent who devotes himself to the care of his daughter, who began attending public school this year.

Mon, October 22 2018 13 Cheshvan 5779