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Kehillat Israel Facilities Rental Information/Application


PLEASE NOTE: This form is NOT for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. 
This form is specifically for organizations or outside individuals renting space at KI. 
If you would like to reserve facilities for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration please contact KI's Program Associate and B'nai Mitzvah Liaison, Rebecca Serot, at or 424-214-7460. 

Thank you for your interest in holding your event at Kehillat Israel. Conveniently located in the Palisades we can provide the perfect setting for your event. We have a venue for every occasion and can accommodate groups as intimate as 10 and celebrations of over 200. Our goal is to provide impeccable service, an outstanding venue, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Please note: KI does not rent any facilities during High Holy Days. All facilities are non-smoking.


Below you will find information about our facilities that we hope will be helpful to you in planning your event. If not, please feel free to call us for additional information or to schedule a tour. Seeing the facilities is the best way to determine what will best accommodate your event.


Please note: Capacity is for theater style seating. Capacity is reduced for banquet or reception style.


If you have any questions or you would like to schedule a tour, contact Rebecca Serot, Program Associate at 424-214-7460 or email  

If you're in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop by during business hours. We're always happy to help.




Please use this format: 310-555-1212

Please use this format: 310-555-1212. Also, please do not enter your mobile phone number in this field. If you do not have a home phone, leave this entry blank.

Please use this format: 310-555-1212. Also, please do not enter your mobile phone number in this field. If you do not have a separate work phone, leave this entry blank.


NOTE: If you will be using any montages or videos at your event, please send those to KI at least 10 days in advance. 



Kehillat Israel is excited to offer three caterers who have all worked extensively with us in the past. Please note: All catering must be from one of these three companies. 



With over 30 years of special event & catering experience, let Balabusta help make your ordinary into the extraordinary. 


Phone: 818-344-3417





Someone's in the Kitchen offers full service event catering, design, and total event management for weddings, social events, corporate functions, and more. Whether it's a celebration for 15,000, an important corporate VIP gathering, a wrap party for the next Hollywood Blockbuster, a milestone celebration, or a fantasy wedding for a very special couple, everyone turns to Someone's in the Kitchen. 

Phone: 818-343-5151





Creative cuisine, imaginative decor and excellent service make wonderful memories. Since 1996, Ronen Levy Events has been one of Southern California’s premier event planning companies. We provide all the catering and event planning services to make your event unforgettable. Based  in  Los  Angeles,  Ronen Levy  is  the  owner  and  principal  event  planner  of  Ronen Levy Events.  His  creative  approach,  exquisite attention to detail and calm demeanor help his clients relax as he creates one-of-a-kind events. Whatever your budget, whatever your dream, Ronen Levy Events can turn your thoughts and ideas into the perfect event. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. As a host, we ensure that your only job at the event is to enjoy yourself with your guests. We do the rest.


Phone: 310.558.3528



We are asking for you, as part of our thriving, vibrant, and active KI community, to help us respect our neighbors, and minimize our impact on their daily lives.

  • The Conditional Use Permit for our building requires that our members park inside the synagogue and not on Muskingum – please always do this.
  • Security and Parking personnel are assigned to assist you and to ensure we comply with this and other parking requirements. Please follow their directions in the spirit they are given. They are here to help.
  • When parking behind another vehicle in the parking garage, always leave your keys so that staff may move your car to allow others to leave. This helps us all. Parking staff are there to assist you.
  • When large gatherings are planned, we ask the Lutheran and/or Presbyterian Church for permission to use their parking lot. This is generously given to us when available - please respect their guidelines for use. Enter Lutheran lot via El Medio and exit via Sunset, and park only in those spaces allocated to us. You can enter KI’s grounds via the side gate on Sunset, leading to the Courtyard. Security personnel are there to assist you.
  • Especially at larger gatherings, please be mindful of noise as you leave the building, as sound carries easily across the street and disturbs our neighbors.
  • If you are inviting guests to the synagogue, please make sure they are aware of all of the above.

 Thank you for respecting our neighbors and staff.

I/We have read and understand the above directions and agree that we and our guests will abide by them. Please sign your name in the box above to indicate agreement to the kavod policy.



Jews have always had a special relationship to food. The tradition of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws and practices) speaks directly to that relationship. Thinking about what we eat is a basic spiritual practice, moving us to appreciate the relationship between ethics and eating and to make decisions based on our values.

Reconstructionist Judaism views kashrut as a central tradition of Judaism. Kashrut is grounded in the value of belonging to a community.  Through the traditions of kashrut we establish a sense of identity and connection with Jewish people everywhere.

Kashrut offers us the chance to make deliberate personal decisions about dietary practice based on Jewish values.  These values include:

  1. oshek (prohibition against oppressing workers),
  2. tza’ar ba’aley hayim ( respect for animals),
  3. eshev ba’aretz (living with the earth),
  4. shemirat haguf (protecting one’s own body),
  5. tzedakah (feeding the poor)
  6. rodef tzedek and rodef shalom (pursuing peace and justice),
  7. berahah and kedushah (holiness and blessing).


As a vehicle for transmitting Jewish values and affirming Jewish peoplehood, kashrut allows us to enter Jewish tradition, make decisions based on our values, and participate in Jewish communal life.

Our policy tries to balance respect for tradition with our desire to continue to ensure that sharing of food among us becomes a source of strengthening community and not engendering discord within the community.  We believe that our policies will suit the needs of the vast majority of members and guests who participate in KI programs and services.

I/We have read and understand the above directions and agree that we and our guests will abide by them. Please sign your name in the box above to indicate agreement to the kashrut policy.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784