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Message from the KI Clergy:
Response to the Attack in Israel (10/7/23)

Our hearts break watching the hope of our holy days which celebrate new beginnings be completely shattered. The reports out of Israel are horrifying and we are equal parts afraid for her people and outraged at this unprovoked attack.

As a community we stand with our family in Israel. We pray for the safety of all Israelis and pledge our full support to all of those working to bring this violence and terrorism to an end. We pray as well for civilians in Gaza who are put in harm’s way by Hamas.

We also pray for our own KI family members who are facing direct threat in this violence. May they be protected and return safely back to us. 

Am yisrael chai!

Rabbi Bernstein
Rabbi Sher
Cantor Frenkel

Rabbi Bernstein
30 Days of Mourning | 11/7/23

KI Clergy
Israel Message  | 10/19/23

Below are giving opportunities
to aid Israel. 

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Provides supplies directly to the Israeli communities most in need right now. 

Familiar local organization with a matching gift of 1 million dollars. Provides funds to where they are most needed.

Provides emergency equipment and support throughout Israel on an ongoing basis and in times of crisis. Israel's version of the Red Cross.

Providing urgent relief and emotional support to children and families who have been evacuated from Kibbutzim near Gaza as well as professional staffs and Israeli individuals volunteering their trauma services.

Comprehensive list of over 35 vetted organizations you can donate to right now. 

Shop Israel. 

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Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784