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Please drive to the Muskingum Ave. garage entrance where you will be assisted by our attendants or provided with directions to self-park. When our garage becomes full, our valet service will help park your car at a nearby lot or direct you to the lots available if you prefer self-parking. There is no parking at any time on Muskingum Ave.

Want to avoid the traffic at KI? Go directly to Pali High and park in the corner lot and either walk up the stairs to El Medio, or hop on the shuttle which will transport folks to KI.

Another great option to avoid the traffic for those living near KI who aren’t interested in driving and parking is Lyft. We’re happy to offer the following discount with Lyft: Use the promo code “kehillat” within the Lyft app and all new users will receive $5 off each of their first 10 rides. To find out how much a ride with Lyft would cost, please use this link and scroll down to “Estimate Trip Cost.” If you plan on using a ride-sharing service, please click on the “Skip Parking” button at the top of the page. For more info on the promo code, go to

Mon, October 22 2018 13 Cheshvan 5779